Do more with DAOs

Desktop and mobile mockups of the Fractal app

Unleash the power of human coordination through all stages of the DAO lifecycle with freedom, confidence, and ease.

DAOs are frustrated with rigid “one-size-fits-all” platforms that can’t support complex structures. Fractal empowers flexible DAO creation and hierarchical decision-making, and equips communities with the extensibility to grow at the industry’s leading edge.

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The freedom to create composable subDAO hierarchies, each with its own Safe treasury


Custom governance for each subDAO with on-chain parent checks and balances


An expanding, “plug-and-play” feature set that evolves with the decentralized landscape

Create Your DAO Your Way

Form flexible subDAO hierarchies
Intuitive UI for transparent on-chain activity
Each subDAO runs its own treasury and governance
Extendable modules to evolve and scale your DAO
Custom on-chain powers ensure parent token-holder safeguards
Import existing treasuries—each Fractal subDAO is a Gnosis Safe

Connect Power to People

Fractal allows you to tailor your DAO around the needs and goals of your unique community. You set the stage for efficient decision-making, reliable safeguards, and intuitive scaling, so your DAO can go further, faster.

Fractal is accelerating the decentralized future by delivering inspired technology to today’s Web3 visionaries.

We're open for Private Beta.