Do more with DAOs

Desktop and mobile mockups of the Fractal app

Create a hyper-scalable global organization. Fractalize risk & governance.

Go further, faster.

DAOs overcome the flaws of traditional organizations but lack the infrastructure and standardization that enables them to scale. Fractal provides a framework that activates the potential and power of DAOs to decentralize businesses and vital institutions.

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The Framework

The core Fractal framework allows DAOs to implement any organizational structure using a flexible, scalable governance model called a Fractal.

The Modules

Our framework is highly composable and extensible through modules. Modules provide a standard interface for extending the functions of a Fractal, such as funding, payroll, and NFT-based roles.


Fractal is created by and for the Web3 community, and its future development will be directed by a purpose-built Fractal DAO.

Versatile Organizational Structure

Hyper-scalable network of independent Fractals
Community repository of modules & templates
Composable by design for seamless DAO extension
Independent treasury management & liquidity
Native support for EVM chains at DAO launch
Intuitive user interface for easy DAO onboarding

The Power is Yours

Fractal empowers the next generation of visionaries to launch transformative global movements, businesses, and social clubs harnessing the power of decentralized technology.

Fractal is accelerating the decentralization of businesses and vital institutions.